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New York's Capital District is an amazing place so why not keep your hard-earned money here?

Capital District, why should you shop local?

  • You live in the Capital District, you work here, and of course you shop, eat, and play here. So why wouldn't you want your money to stay here? By spending money at locally-owned businesses you are keeping your money in the community, which means-

  • You are helping a family pay their bills. Many locally-owned businesses are the sole, or primary, income for a family. Which can help you-

  • Make a cohesive bond with your neighbors by visiting their businesses. You are keeping a store front from being empty in your neighborhood. Which can mean-

  • A local small business can keep alive a building that otherwise might be destroyed. Local architecture and history can be saved, renovated, and re-purposed.  Small businesses reinvest in your community, which is why-

  • Every dollar spent at a small business returns 3 times as much to your community than if you spent that dollar at a chain store. In ways such as-

  • Employing local attorneys, accountants, and buying store equipment locally rather than at big box stores or online. Also they-

  • Donate twice as much of a percentage of their sales than chains do. Local charities and families in need are more likely to get the attention of small businesses than chains

The Capital District (or Capital Region) is a wonderful place with lots to see and do. Often even those who live in this great state do not know all the hidden gems. That's why there's the Capital District Tourism Gnome to find them all! There are of course the big attractions of the Great Escape (a Six Flags park) in Lake George, the capitol building and Tulip Fest in Albany, Proctor's and Rivers Casino in Schenectady, and the race course in Saratoga Springs. 


From the Lilac Walking Tour in Schuylerville and the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa both in Saratoga County to the Albany Institute for History and Art and the Jay Street Marketplace in Schenectady; New York's Capital District region is full of history and events, big and small for over 400 years. Saratoga is the birthplace of potato chips and the club sandwich, Cambridge in Washington County is where pie a la mode was first served; while Schenectady was the filming location for the Bradley Cooper/Ryan Gosling movie "Place Beyond the Pines" which is exacly what Schenectady means in the Iroquois language.

We want you to be more than a tourist in New York's Capital Region, we want you to be our family. And family supports local businesses. We encourage and promote Shop Local and Shop Small programs and sustainable activities such as shopping at Farmer's Markets.

The Capital District Tourism Gnome is all about promoting those small homegrown businesses that really make an adventure and memories when visiting New York's Capital District. Even locals don't always realize what is in their backyard, and yet giving business to your neighbor is the best thing you can do for your local economy and your own standard of living. 

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